CBD Dosing

How much CBD to take is one of the most common questions asked about consuming CBD.  Below are some general guidelines but it is important to remember that everyone's body rhythms are different so there each person should use this as a starting point but adjust according to how they feel in response to changing the dose.

Average Dose

10mg two or three times a day with a meal. 

*A good quality CBD 1000mg oil with contain approx 33mg per ml (1 dropper full)

Stay at this dose for 3 - 4 days then increase 1 - 2mg/dose.  Stay at this dose for a couple of days.  If you don't feel a response you can increase the dose as above.

For insomnia related conditions we would recommend the full dose about 30 mins to 1 hour before bed instead of splitting up your dose. 

Taking CBD will not magically make your symptoms go away over night however

the longer you stick with them the better results you will see especially for conditions such as anxiety and chronic pain.  

Over a period of weeks and months when used daily you should notice improvements with issues such as stress, headaches, anxiety, aches, pains and sleep problems.

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